"Dark Torso" Oregon, 2000

""Dark Torso" Oregon, 2000

"Untitled" Paris, 2010

"Untitled" Paris, 2010

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Vision and Art: Photographing the Nude

The composition and the vision may begin during the photographing, but, as Bill Brandt would say, the art takes place in the darkroom. I have never believed that photographers have an exact vision of what the product will be by looking in the viewfinder, rather a feeling of what they would like to portray. The finished composition and vision is far too important to the completed work of art to rely totally on the three or four seconds one has to capture the human form.


"Untitled"  Paris, 2010

“Untitled” Paris, 2010



"A photographer should not confuse the concept of working from a philosophic base with the idea of previsualization"

Aaron Siskind