Operators are standing by

“Operators are standing by”




Dean Hanson was born in Wisconsin in 1944 and grew up in Oregon, where, after training in chemistry, he became the Director of the Central Analytical Laboratory at Oregon State University. After twenty-seven years in this position, he left it in 1999 to pursue the interest in art that had begun with drawing at age three. In high school, he had taken up painting, followed by a period of doing three-dimensional work. It was not until the late Eighties that Dean discovered his love of photography. When he left his university position, he traveled to Paris to study and continue to grow as a photographer, an experience that has had a lasting influence on his artistic development. He has returned many times to Paris, both to continue making photographs and to show his work. Dean’s primary subjects are the human form and scenes from his travels throughout the world. His work may be found in the archives at the Foundation Henri Cartier-Bresson, as well as, many private collections in Europe, the United States and the South Pacific.

Photographs by Dean Hanson have been exhibited at: